Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back from my little bloggy break


That's me stretching and breathing a deep sigh as I return from the world of fresh air, quiet country living, and no internet.

My great computer fast is over.

I took way too many pictures and consumed far too many calories. I'll start fresh tomorrow on my blogging.

And my diet.

Oh, and here I am yucking it up with the livestock:

Please ignore the horrid face because, in reality, these girls weren't yucky at all; they just wanted a snack.

I can totally relate.


Blind Mom said...

wow I think you are amazing I do not know how you do it. I have 3 teenagers and feel like I am losing my mind

Anonymous said...

DEVIN! OMG!! Is that slobber?--YUCK!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to interrupt but.....
Anyway you can make Reagan's amazon link easier to get to????
Like I said b4 I do most of my shopping thru them right about now and I would love to help someone out in the process. So, if you could put it on the right column or something that would be great. TIA
Theresa in Minnesota :)

Devin said...

What a GREAT idea!! I think I did it. Look at the top. Thanks so much!!

Cindy said...

Devin, I laughed at that last face. That's the expression I remember from too many wild days at MACHS - hall duty, etc.
That said, I miss the happy times I spent with you there...