Friday, October 17, 2008


A few weeks ago we got a phone call from American Express. They said there was some unusual activity on my credit card and they just wanted to check with us regarding a few unexpected charges. Jimmy and I happily worked with them as they ran through a short list of questionable places my card had been used:

(yes, I spent THAT much to fill my suburban.)

Mexican food in nearby town?

Mexican food in our town?
(Okay, I like Mexican food...a LOT.)



(Oh, get a grip.)

Shoes out of Utah?
(Have you SEEN those beauties?!)

So by now, as you can imagine, I'm feeling a little defensive.


Yet, they continued:

(See, I don't shop at just Target.)

Whataburger in Ft. Worth, Texas?

Whataburger in Ft. Worth, Texas?
No. NO!

Whataburger in Ft. Worth, Texas?
HOLD ON! I do NOT eat at What-A-Burger...EVER and I sure wouldn't go to Ft. Worth to get it.

(Ha! Finally some charges I didn't make.)

And there were more Whataburger charges from the same month, the month before, and the month before that.

Somebody stole my credit card information and only used it at Whataburger; for months, only at Whataburger. They only buy hamburgers with my credit card? How weird is that?!

Of course, I have my own suspicions that my "ham-burglar" might also have an affinity for periodic Mexican food runs and frequent Target stops, and all, um, possibly in my own town.

Really, people like that clearly have issues.


Annikke said...

THAT is funny. Someone took your card to buy burgers and only burgers? How funny...well not really funny, but in a kind of weird way!

MKHKKH said...

I just went to Target this morning for coffemate and what did I come home with? 120 bucks worth of coffemate, shoes for the girls, halloween stuff, this and that. Ugggg. I love to hate that place. LOL.

Andrea said...

Oooh! That would make me mad (I mean how dumb can a criminal be?)
I got my atm card number stolen when were on vacation this summer, thank goodness a merchant called my MIL (our address of record in the US) to ask if we ordered a $1000 gift card to some electronics store. The little thieves made off with lots of skateboarder stuff, $400 at Zappos, charges online mostly. Thankfully we got our money back.

Kudos to American Express! The story is funny though. I mean, just hamburgers??

devinisagirlsname said...

Someone stole my credit card info one time and charged about $2500 worth of YOGA SUPPLIES!?! mats, bags, videos, etc. craaazy world we live in, huh?!

Steph said...

The people at Einstein's Bagels are the only people who ask me for an ID. And of course, I'm usually on my way to work and go in with only my debit card. I always tell them...if I was going to use somebody else's card, I surely would be buying something more interesting than a bagel! I guess that's not always the case!