Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The shots heard 'round the world

Well, my two chickens and the clueless one survived their flu shots this morning. I really shouldn't tease them for their freaking out as I have vivid memories of being help down by my mother and several nurses when it was time for my own shots. Maybe it's genetic.

The two boys put on quite the show. Landon (4) was fine until he saw Hayden (7 and I'm-going-first-to-show-my-brother-and-sister-how-big-I-am) bellow during his shot in the arm. Hayden's sobbing sent Landon's apprehension into full-blown screams of "I DON'T FEEL SO GOOD ABOUT THIS" right before his shot in the leg.

Little Miss (17 mo) watched both brothers calmly, took her shot in the leg, and after the least little squeal, was happily choosing her flavor of lollipop.

As I was driving the boys to school afterward, Landon commented, "Mom, I feel different." Hayden added in agreement, "Me too, I feel different somehow." Not sure what they meant, I prodded, "You feel different how?" Hayden answered for them both, "I'm not really sure, just really, really different." Landon sighed, "Yeah."

Peyton went home and napped, Hayden lifted his sleeve so everyone could view his wound-hiding sparkley bandaid, and Landon decided that his leg was somehow permanently damaged and he couldn't walk un-aided into school.

Can boys be drama queens? Oh, yes.


Annikke said...

Too funny!!!

Super B's Mom said...

This post made me laugh because I have a 5-yr-old "Drama King." At the mention of the word SHOT - he totally wigs out. Oh how I dread his upcoming flu shot - I'm sure the nurses do too..haha

Love your blog - found you by way of Angie at Bring the Rain. You have gorgeous children!

Devin said...

Welcome Super b's mom! Isn't Angie's blog amazing?! I just love it.