Monday, October 27, 2008

Left behind

Jimmy just returned from his weekend with Sutton in Virginia. It's her first semester of her first year in college and she's a long way from home, so it was time that someone went to see her.

That someone wasn't me.

He went to a volleyball match Friday night and then dinner with the team and all of the parents. He went to a volleyball match Saturday afternoon, a tailgate party, and then dinner Saturday night with the team and parents. They drove around as she showed him the sights and they discussed her future.

I wasn't there.

He picked her up at her dorm for breakfast Sunday morning, had a nice visit, and a sweet father/daughter goodbye moment before he left for the airport.

Hmmm...missed that too.

I was here wiping bottoms, breaking up fights, braving school fall festivals, driving little people hither and yon, disciplining, moving my all night nurser from our bed to her bed (and she wasn't happy about it), and playing me-against-the-world for five days.

(Okay, there were some wonderful moments too but that doesn't help my "poor pitiful me" post, now does it?!)

I stayed home, yet he got to see her (far left and in red):

I was here, yet he was able to touch her and hold her (blond on the right):

The colors were just glorious and the sights simply stunning...

...or so I hear.



Gina said...

Ahh..what beautful picutures. I would so throw myself a pity party too!

Steph said...

Oh Devin, so sorry you were "left behind"...literally and figuratively (whoa, did I spell that right?!) with those bottoms to wipe! :) But glad for Sutton that she got to see a familiar face.

Annikke said...

Those fall pictures are really breath taking! Wow!

Sorry for you but I'm glad for her that a familiar face was there for her. I really am sorry for you...I know it must be terribly hard!