Saturday, October 18, 2008

I feel like I'm cheating on my daughter

Sutton's best friends, Maeli and Rachel, came to see us this weekend. These three girls have been best girlfriends since they were in 5th grade, and even though we moved away after that one year they spent together, they have continued a very special bond.

Maeli and Rachel have been on family vacations with us, Jimmy taught them how to ski in Colorado, they've spent time with us in the summers, and they call Sutton on her birthday each year at 12:01, before anyone else even remembers what day it is. And while Sutton went to college waaaaaay far away, Maeli and Rachel chose Baylor, in state and only an hour and a half away.

So they came to see us this weekend. We went to dinner, we went shopping, we visited, had fun, but most importantly we really REALLY missed Sutton who is far far away.

The girls a few years ago:

Rachel, Hayden, Landon, and Maeli today:

Please note the looks of longing for their dear friend/sister. We miss you Sutton!


Maeli said...


I do, I do, I miss you tons and tons! You have no idea, but we enjoyed visiting with everyone this weekend! Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving... I miss you! And let me just tell you...your siblings miss you too.


Rachel Kimbrough said...

Yes, we miss Sutton so much!! We will for sure be seing y'all again Thanksgiving..that is if you don't mind :). All the kids are so sweet and I already miss hearing all of them, and wrestling with Landon. Hehe! Well, thanks again for having us! We love y'all!

Helen said...

Devin, you are SO cool! I aspire to be a mom like you.

Martie said...

I sooo understand. My two oldest are away at college, and it's so hard not to have them here. I miss tham all day, every day.

Mom to 9