Thursday, September 11, 2008

He's home!

My brother-in-law, David, returned home last night from his third tour in Iraq and oh. my. gosh was my family excited. We went to the airport to greet him with our homemade signs in tow. Hayden cried because Uncle David didn't get off the plane fast enough and Reagan cried because Uncle David was finally home after nearly a year. (I was fine last night but looking at these pictures today are making me quite misty.) It was a joyful reunion for David, his father, my sister Gina, and their sweet baby Dayden who has missed her daddy so.

There was no other place I would have wanted us to be last night than in an airport waiting not so patiently on our hero to return home.

We love you David and welcome home, you were greatly missed.


Annikke said...

I just bawled like a litte baby looking at these photos!

Welcome home to Uncle David!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! He looks great and look, he is smiling in every picture!!!!! He looks sooo happy!!!!


jubilee said...

Reminds me of The Calm One's arrival after his deployment. Sigh . . . There's nothing comparable to a hero's welcome home.

Welcome Home David and thank you for serving our country.

allison said...

WOWOWOWOW. warms my heart. welcome home...