Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I went to my bible study today and sat with all these fancy grown-up women and drank fancy water from a fancy glass pitcher floating with fancy-cut fruit. We sat in a fancy house and dined on fancy pastries as I tried not to drool over their fancy clothes and fancy jewelry.

And fancy or not, I learned and I teared up and I laughed, and I scratched that spot that had been itching all summer waiting for the next season of bible study to begin.

The title of this session? "How to Hear God's Voice." How perfect is THAT? I can't dive into my workbook fast enough.

On the home front, Daddy and Peyton made it, they survived my time at bible study. There were no tears, no crying, no fits...and Peyton did well too:-)

And me, well, I had just enough fancy today, not too much or too little, just enough to carry me until next week's bible study.


Annikke said...

Yay for you (and Daddy and Peyton too!!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Isn't it amazing how just those small moments can fill you up and carry you over....by the way, pretty Peyton already looks like a child piano prodigy!

Andrea said...

Oh, sounds like fun. I wish I could find a english language bible study near me. I can always learn more!

I'm sorry - I tagged you for a meme ;)

MKHKKH said...

I started a ladies bible study too! We are doing Beth Moore's Psalms of Acent. Just what I need, a way to go up with God! he sure knows I am down.
Glad you got away and could spend a little time with the Lord.