Sunday, August 17, 2008

Coming home

We're home.

The problem is my daughter is in Virginia and I am here. Something about that is just not right. I keep taking inventory, counting heads, and keep coming up short. Out of nowhere my heart skips a beat, wondering where she is. I've lost track of her. And then I realize she's not here, she's not even close to here. And then I worry and I get sad, but then I smile inside because while it's true she's not here, she's right where she needs to be now, where a girl woman her age should be, moving on, growing up, leaving me. It's hard, it hurts, but it's time...and I miss her.

We're home, but home has changed and it may take a while for me to adjust.


Annikke said...

That broke my heart to read... I am not anywhere close to having to prepare for such a change so I can only imagine what you must be feeling.
Grab hold of baby Peyton and don't let go...

Meritt said...

I just popped in tonight from Sphere but if I'm reading between the lines it means that you dropped her off at college???

My baby just started her Senior year and we are completely immersed (drowning?) in figuring out everything 'college' right now - seriously I think my head is spinning. But maybe that's good because when it stops spinning and I think about Kat leaving me next summer to attend college I get all teary eyed and start to cry.

I swear she was just starting kindergarten last week!!!

Devin said...

I'm not gonna sugar-coat it, it really stinks. I am confident, however, that's she's right where she needs to be and it helps me. Letting them grow up is hard enough, watching them walk away is the heartbreaking.
Hang in there mama!