Thursday, July 17, 2008

Six little piggies

There's an appraiser coming today to appraise our home...

...we must clean.

Our dear friend Jeni is flying in from Georgia for the weekend...

...we must clean.

The maids come tomorrow...

...we (yes, I'm weird) must clean.

My parents come on Sunday...

...we must clean.

We leave for Florida on Monday...

...we must clean, pack, and clean again.

My type A personality (that's laced with large amounts of OCD) is in overdrive and in danger of imploding.

My children are counting down the days until school starts. They want to be free of me and my "whatifsomethinghappenstomewhilewe'regoneandpeopleseethismessandthinkwelivelikePIGSandIamaterriblewifeandmother!" rant.

Yep, they pick going to school over being home cleaning with me.


Bless their little piggy hearts.

(insert evil mommy laugh here)



Anonymous said... fun, and yet such hard work! Are you all going, or just you & Jimmy? Enjoy and have a safe trip!

Annikke said...

My SIL won't go on vacation until all of her laundry is cleaned, dried, folded and put away because she says if something happens to her on her trip she doesn't want anyone touching her underwear! I laugh everytime she says that becuase her underwear would be the last thing we would be looking for if something happens to her!!!

Devin said...

I had to LOL when I saw you asked if Jimmy and I were going alone...Jimmy and I can't even go to lunch alone and haven't been on a date in YEARS. We're all going to FL and even taking my mom and dad, but it'll be fun.

Your SIL sounds a lot like me, though I worry more about my closets than my underwear. I've instructed my children to clean up before anyone comes to get my dead body. LOL!

MKHKKH said...

I just went through almost the same scenario. My dh was like why do we have to leave the house clean. Duh, what if we die and they come see what squalor we live in. LOL.