Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Someone decided to make themselves a PB & J sandwich. I wasn't there to witness the actual sandwich construction or consumption, yet I still know he (ahem. yes, he) made the sandwich.

How do I know, you ask?

Well, I just looked in the pantry. Notice anything unusual?

How about now?

Note his careful placement of the lid.

I guess he's reserving the knife for his next sandwich; you know, in the interest of saving time and all.


mamajil said...

This happens here too!!! I hate opening a jar of jelly only to find a spoon inside.....I guess its all part of having a large family! :D

Miranda said...

He's saving time and money by conserving dishes. Never mind the bugs that might be attracted to the peanut butter, extra protein.

JoanneRipple said...

Hmmm...I'm not sure which "he" in your house did this, but in mine, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the 30-year-old "he" who I'm married to was the culprit!

Heidi said...

They just can't get the lid thing can they? First it's the PB&J jar lid, next it's the toilet lid... it must be hard wired in their genetic code. Maybe we should blame it on that pesky Y chromosome!