Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I thought it felt a little lumpy

So I was sitting in my recliner nursing the baby and couldn't find the remote to the TV. I did a visual quick-scan of the room and didn't see it anywhere so I decided to check between the seat and arms of the recliner, maybe it had gotten stuck there.

I began pulling item after item out of that recliner until I had quite the collection of, well, crapolla, if you will.

Seriously, in a MacGuyver-like moment, I could probably take that junk, add a couple of potatoes and a paper clip and make a pretty snazzy time machine.

And that's not even the remote I was looking for. I found the real remote in the toy box, under the candy wrappers and dirty little boy underwear...where I should know to always look first.


Annikke said...

That's hilarious. The last time I was rummaging through the couch cushions looking for a remote I found a $5, but nothing like your time-machine parts!!

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you get that time machine ready 'cause I'd really like to take a trip!! - Shelley