Monday, July 28, 2008

Our little bit of paradise

I have many pictures to eventually share of all the fun times on our vacation, but before I post those I really must share some shots of the oasis that was our home for too short a time.

When we drove up to the house, this was what we saw. The water was right there.

The front of the house with balconies overlooking the pool and the ocean.

Ground level. Oh, the hours spent there by little boys and big sisters as they "hunted" sea shells.

The living room proved to be the biggest challenge as those steps were way too accessible to my step-happy 14 month old.

Poppy came quickly to the rescue and baby-proofed the scene. I was ever so grateful.

An awesome pool that even baby girls could enjoy.

And sunrises so beautiful that there are simply no words.


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! Where in Florida was this beautiful oasis?

workout mommy said...

WOW, that looks amazing! Glad you had a great trip!

Devin said...

Libby, it is Islamorada, FL. It's a quiet, laid-back, unbelievably beautiful area.

I'm so ready to go back!

MKHKKH said...

What a gorgeous house. Whenever we go on vacation I think what impresses me the most is walking into a perfectly clean house with no kid clutter! Of course it never lasts long once we arrive, but that first glance is a rare thing of beauty. I am glad you got to get away for a little bit.