Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend in the country

We just returned, like the good Clampetts that we are, from a few days "down south." We stayed at my in-law's home where the kids get to run amok outdoors, sans shoes and matching clothes (Daddy is so happy), while they explore the land and the vermin that inhabit it.

Oh, there were the usual ba-ows (cows per Peyton) and a sweet dog named Sam, but this trip also included two new animals to examine.

There were brand new kitties that were tiny and cute but caused these children to pause as they weighed their chances against teeny teeth and claws.

And a opossum Pawpaw was smart enough to trap was great fun to ogle from afar. His wicked opossum hissing from within the confines of that trap were enough to keep us all at a distance.

And if you're a little squeamish and not at all country like me, ahem, do not click on that opossum pic above. Nasty!

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