Monday, June 02, 2008

Reason 4,958 why six year old boys shouldn't go in the dressing room with mom

Hayden (too loud as usual): "Mom! You have a scratch on your tummy!"

Mom (shushing him as I explain): "It's not a scratch, Hayden, it's a stretch mark from having babies."

Hayden (volume increasing): "Oh, that's where the doctor took the babies out."

Mom (speaking softly, hoping he will too): "No, it's just where my skin stretched when my belly got big."

Hayden (who now is speaking so loudly the entire store can hear him): "Oh, that's right 'cause all your babies come right out of you BOTTOM, huh Mom?!!"

Yep, all the other mama's got a snicker out of that one...and I left empty-handed.


Annikke said...

I took my 6 year old with me to shop for a bathing suit this past weekend.... it went about that good too, except he announced how big my butt looked. NICE!!!

Claudia said...

mine once worried: "mom, where was I before I was born? Was I dead?"

And when he asked what I was doing while watching me shave my legs, he said "YOUR LEGS? That's weird."

These boys say whatever they want, eh>