Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tub tumble

Little Landon (4) fell in the bathtub last night, hitting the side of the tub with his chin, and causing a very ugly gash.

Very ugly.

It was so ugly (and bloody) that Jimmy gave me the would-you-be-quiet(!) look when I gasped once we found the source of ALL THAT BLOOD.

Did I mention it was ugly? And bloody?

So, Jimmy ran him to the ER doctor who lives across the street who confirmed that the injury did, indeed, need stitches.


Landon was crying. Hayden was crying because Landon was crying. Keaton was crying because Hayden and Landon were crying. Peyton was crying because, well, she's a baby.

I didn't cry, but could have.

So Jimmy and Landon took off to Care Now where the doctor there confirmed that the injury did need attention but that he could use Dermabond instead.

Thank you God for Dermabond.

Here's his triage picture where he's looking pretty pitiful:

And just so you know he recovered rather quickly (ahem, grandparents), here is Mr. Tub Tumbler showing off his injury when he returned home:

All better :-)


Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Poor Guy!

The chain effect of cries was funny!!

Gina said...

Poor little man! Hope you feel better!

Annikke said...

What a brave little boy!!