Sunday, May 04, 2008

Feeling green

It was a wonderfully slow weekend around here. Sutton ended up not having a volleyball tournament and she was (gasp!) home all day. So, after enlisting the three girls' help with a little spring cleaning, they each set about to attend their numerous social obligations; Reagan and Keaton went to a spend-the-night party and Sutton went to dinner with friends.

Jimmy, the three little ones, and I had a leisurely dinner out and an early bedtime. Ahhhhhhh.

This morning I actually had everyone ironed and dressed early for church so we took a few pictures. With Rea and Keaton gone and Jimmy showering, here's who was left.

Peyton had her frog prince bishop dress on and her green polka dot squeakers that keep her marching all over the house.

Her brothers wanted in on the action.

Big sister couldn't be left out.

And Mom...

...well, Mom just needed an excuse to play kissy-face.


Carey said...

So adorable!

Annikke said...

WOW! Everybody up, dressed, combed and ironed with time to take pictures. WOW! I am so impressed.