Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two more down

Jimmy and I spent last night catching vomit every 30 minutes or so. He was on one side of the bed with a trash can for Landon and I was on the other side of the bed with towels for Peyton. Reagan came downstairs miserable during the melee.

This morning Keaton went to school only to get sick there and have to come home. She's holed up in the infirmary playroom commiserating with Reagan. Jimmy and Landon are sleeping the day away and I'm on "Peyton duty."

Sutton and I are the final hold-outs and, aside from some nausea, we're hanging in there. Jimmy leaves on a trip tomorrow morning so I really need to be healthy when it's back to six against one. I've seen enough vomit and poop the past few days to last me a very long time.

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Gina said...

If there is anything I can do-let me know. I'm sorry you all are so sick!