Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bitter much?

After several puny-feeling days where I spent more time on my floor than in my bed, I am finally able to post. I was feeling all cocky and I-take-vitamins-so-it-won't-get-me, but sure enough that stomach virus bit me in the butt and I went down hard.

I was home alone (think Macaulay Culkin in that picture from Home Alone) with my six sweet babies, themselves still recuperating, while my deserter sweet husband was away in Key West living the high life.

But I'm not bitter.

The three oldest girls did their absolute best to help but Peyton and Landon only wanted me. And while I won't bore you with the gory details, I can say that I have now taken the term multi-tasking to a whole new level. In fact I need to add several new entries to my post "Believe it or not: Things I can do while nursing, and never flash a boob" because I amazed even myself the past few days and I want to remember it.

Things would have been somewhat easier had I been afflicted even a week ago, before Miss Twinkle-Toes learned to flit from room to room on her own. I would sit her down in one room and she would immediately pop right up and walk to another and cry. It was all I could do to crawl to her rescue as I endured Landon's jeers watching Mommy crawl from room to room. I'll get him and his defector-daddy back someday.

See, not bitter at all.

In fact I'm so not bitter that I'm thrilled to share with you pictures of what Jimmy was doing while I was on my death bed ill...home alone...with six children...sick as dog...a dying dog.

And yes, that's Jimmy Johnson he was hobnobbing with.

Nope, no bitterness here.

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devinisagirlsname said...

Just saw your comment- yay! a fellow girl Devin! Please tell me you got the same interested head tilt and "oh" when your teachers took attendance on the first day of school...

And I think you need to get hubby to take YOU to Key West when you're all better! Or better yet, send you there for some relaxation! Hope you're feeling better!