Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rootin' for the 'Boys

The Cowboys play at 3:30 and I'm nervous. It's probably weird that I'm such a football fan, but I was my father's first "boy" and if I was going to spend any time with him, I needed to learn to enjoy football, especially Cowboy football. He was normally a man of very few words but if I had a football question, his explanations were long and thought out and directed only at me.

I spent Sunday afternoons, and frequent Monday nights, watching my Dad pace and worry about the games in progress. My mother wasn't interested, my siblings were too young, and so it was Dad and me screaming at the TV. I even became a cheerleader because of the football and I knew my dad would approve.

So as a parent I've spent a lot of time trying to teach my own girls the ins and outs of football, explaining the rules and the terms, trying to answer their questions and deferring to Jimmy (who actually played the game) if I'm unsure. I know it's not the most important information I can give them, but I want them to know what they're watching, what they're cheering/jeering for and to be able to sit in a room full of football fans and know something about the game.

And the Cowboys, well, they begin soon so I'll probably cheer a little, pace a little, scream a little, and hopefully fit in some football tutoring for my kids...just like Dad.

**Edited to add after ugly loss**
Dayum! Guess it's time to move on to my NBA basketball obsession. Go Mavs!


Anonymous said...

I am right there with girl, I LOVE football! I am a huge Seahawks fan but enjoy every football game you throw at me...I scare the pants off of my kids, with all the screaming I do. It's so much fun I fell like I am right there on the field playing with the boys.I am watching the Dallas game right now! Go Cowboys!

Just little ol'me said...

I missed the game but I feel your pain. I was puling for Romo to win this one. I was just like you wiht my father, if it wasn't sports he wasn't talking to anyone.

Abbie said...

Just got on here to let you know how sorry I am for your loss today :)

Miss Millie said...

We've been here for almost a year, but this is our first football season. I was kinda sad that we wouldn't be having a super bowl party with our home team! I'm learning a lot about these texas fans, that's for sure!

Steph said...

Texas fans are a breed unto themselves! My hubby is one. He tried to make my daughter a Cowboys fan, but no dice. She cut him a "deal" to wear her Cowboys shirt on Sunday. Didn't work. Oh well, at least he can still work on our son. Good luck with that one, Daddy!