Friday, January 04, 2008

Must have been a good show

Landon (4) ran into the living room fresh from an outing with Dad and began, as usual, to immediately disrobe. Evidently, the lure of Lazy Town was enough to stop our little streaker mid-shuck as he was completely mesmerized and promptly forgot he was taking off his clothes.

I waited about five minutes and took this:

I waited five more minutes and took this:

Finally, and only after a commercial came on, he caught me:

He was still oblivious to his partially-dressed state and really only wanted to mug for the camera.

You're right if your guessing he's easily distracted. But aren't his camo undies cute?!


Anonymous said...

I've got one these little cuties at my house, he does the same thing, he gets dressed like everyone else, I go to get something done around the house, come back and he is sitting there in his underwear, just as happy as can be!Gotta love them!
Yes, those camo undies are cute!

Steph said...

Oh, he is too funny...and cute!

Miss Millie said...

How hilarious! My little M.H. does stuff like this, all the time! and when you said Lazytown, that was as close as close could get! I'm glad to know there are other kids out there who are just as crazy and wonderful!!

MKHKK said...

My middle one is our streaker. We have had to ban her from running completely naked up to the front window. She is really comfortable in her skin.

Love the camo undies. LOL.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! Oh I have one of those boys in my home too! Screech to a halt and forget everything when Bugs Bunny is on!