Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cindy's not perfect, just like me

Lisa over at Workout Mommy posted this great picture recently and was kind enough to let me steal it.

Cindy Crawford is a drop-dead, beautiful woman who is also a mom of two. It does my heart good to see that gorgeous celebrity mommies can struggle with the same issues as the rest of us. As frustrating as it is, our stomachs, stretched beyond comprehension during pregnancy, don't just snap back like rubber bands once our little miracles emerge. Our previously toned tummies sag and droop and unsightly muffin tops can emerge. I, personally, have also learned to forget about ever having breasts again; after six babies and eight plus years of nursing, I have developed the chest of a twelve year old boy.

But I try not to complain too loudly because I wouldn't trade any of my children for a chance to have the perfect physique. How boring my life would be with me all skinny and lonely. I'd rather keep the kids and smile through gritted teeth as I learn to love my imperfect body.

So I will continue to work on my abs and I'll probably buy a super-duper-deluxe-padded-push-up bra to cover up where my boobs used to be because this, this changing, less than ideal body I am sporting, is what happens to most of us. And even though critics might be tough on celebrities like Cindy, I applaud her. She's a model, an entrepreneur, a glamorous woman, and a mom...with a beautiful body to prove it.


Andrea said...

Thank you so much for this reality-check post. :) I needed it today.

MKHKK said...

At last a model I can look up to! I second you on the chest of a twelve year old boy. Shouldn't you get rewarded for breastfeeding? Life is not fair. But like you, I wouldn't trade all the boobs and abs in the world for my precious ones.

Thanks for all you comments on my blog. I linked you.


Abbie said...

Wow. How did you know that is just what I needed to see/hear?? As shallow as it sounds, it's something I so totally struggle with-that body image issue. Just feeling like my body is here and there but never where it 'should' be. Isn't it amazing what it does for us to see that even those women that are so glamorized by the media have good old mommy bodies like the rest of us? Thats so awesome.
On a side note: Maybe we should start a 'my breasts resemble a pre-pubescent boy club'. Anyone on board with me?? :)

Monica said...

I second that!! Like you I'd much be healthy with lots of children to love than a size 0 eating a carrot stick all by myself.

Thanks for this post.