Friday, December 07, 2007


My girls:
"I can't today, I'm volunteering at the homeless shelter again."

"I got my Bible verse all memorized."

"Mom, I already changed Peyton's diaper for you."

My boys:
"Wouldn't it be so cool if I could toot all the way down the stairs?!"

"MOM! I just popped Peyton's snot bubble! It was so AWESOME!"

"While we were practicing our Christmas program, Josh tooted and it smelled just like air freshener!"


Annikke said...

That is hilarious and all too true!!

MKHKK said...

Now I am scared to have this little man! I have a bunch of nephews and all I can say is, HELP!!! LOL.

Christine said...

Ahhhh ... how familiar.

Today we were putting together fun two word sentences.

To start the whole experience ...

My daughter: "Mommy ran."

My son: "Mommy yelled."
Followed by: "Jesus farted."
And then a conglomeration of things that Yoda did.

OH and FYI - my husband and I are beginning the discussion/prayer over adopting a sibling group. If we accept a placement of three children, we will fro from three to six overnight. I will be stalking your blog ... as we start to look at options for transportation, storage, etc.

Devin said...

Christine, those are classics! Jesus farted?! LOL!

Six is the best possible number. We have more fun with these kids than I ever imagined. I wish you the best of luck with your placement. If you don't already, check out Cindy's blog: She has adopted sibling groups for years and has 39 (!) children. She's amazing.

Good luck, and please, stalk away.