Friday, October 12, 2007

It's a Texas thang

When I lived out of state, I was shocked to learn that other states don't subscribe to the homecoming mum infatuation madness trend we Texans so proudly boast (while the rest of the world laughs and shakes their head in disbelief). These monstrous symbols of school spirit are as much a symbol of a guy's "love" for his girlfriend, as they are a chance to one-up your girl-friends. These colossal corsages should be pretentious and gaudy and garish and by all means, the tackier the better.

Sutton is quite proud of hers ya'll.


Anonymous said...

I live in MS & when I was in highschool we did the homecoming mum thing so maybe it is a "Southern Thang" & not just a "Texan Thang"

Angie-mom-of-7 (from LOK)

Devin said...


I stand corrected. A definite "Southern Thang" we all get to share. Nice to "meet" you!