Monday, October 01, 2007

I may have to speak with your manager

One night last week, just before I had to take my five other children to Sutton's volleyball match, I took them into a local sandwich shop for a quick bite.

The young man behind the counter was so nice, commenting on how busy I must be caring for all of my kids, offering to carry high chairs, drinks, and chairs as we needed it. After I ordered the food and cookies for each of my brood, he asked what flavor I liked and stuck a free chocolate chip cookie in the bag just for me. I smiled and thanked him profusely for the treat and the additional compliments he bestowed upon me, feeling a little better about those extra baby pounds I'm still sporting. Obviously he was flirting with me; what a sweet, sweet guy.

Him: "And you smell so good! Is that White Diamonds you're wearing?"

Me: "Thanks! No, actually it's Juicy Couture."

Him: "Oh really? I was sure it was White Diamonds 'cause you smell just like my mother and I've been thinking of her ever since you walked in. You remind me so much of my mom.

I felt myself deflate just a bit.

The little twit.

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