Monday, October 15, 2007

A looooooong morning, in list form

Up by 4:30.

Iron, feed, dress, fix hair, kiss good-bye all school-age kids.

Call dentist for Hayden's hurting tooth (secretly hoping there's no appointment until Daddy gets back from his trip on Wednesday so he can take him).

Dentist will see him in two hours (DANG!)

Load up/buckle up fussy three year old and sleepy infant, both crying.

Unload/unbuckle little ones to get Hayden from his school (in the rain).

Reload/rebuckle all three children. We are soggy.

Drive in torrential rain, Peyton screaming, to another city only to have to unload/unbuckle in said rain again.

Realize I deserve a raise.

See dentist with all of us in exam room (fun).

Face the rain again as I reload/rebuckle three hungry, sleepy children.

Baby girl screams hysterically in her car seat the entire drive.

Landon screams because baby is screaming.

Hayden screams because Landon is screaming.

I want to scream.

Head to McDonald's (yuck) because I have to feed school boy fast before returning him to school.

Nurse hysterical baby in parking lot.

Unload/unbuckle, we get more wet running into Mickey D's.

Order over baby screams, boy requests for food as they run around the restaurant, and loads of frustrated people in line impatiently waiting on me.

Get drinks and lids, straws, ketchup, napkins, the the boys settled and try to discreetly nurse screaming baby.

Hayden: spills his drink, can't find the ketchup, gets one napkin, drops my fork.

Landon: spills his drink, dumps his "chup" all over floor, drops entire bag of fries, loses his straw.

Peyton: refuses to nurse, "flashes" me to every male customer in the restaurant, grabs my salad and spills it.

I give up.

I take my screaming baby and ketchup covered boys and we clean the table. I then focus on the floor as I sop up drink spills, retrieve scattered french fries and napkins, and scoop up enough ketchup to fill a bottle.

We face the rain yet again while I reload/rebuckle all three as baby girl does her best to set a screaming record.

I drive unamused at my life while my baby wails, Landon complains about sister and Hayden tries to convince me that he is my only good child at that very moment.

We get to the school, unload/unbuckle, get more wet, redeposit the "good" child.

Peyton, Landon and I get back in the car, soaked, as I reload/rebuckle for what has to be the thirtieth time today. Peyton howls in disbelief as we head home where both children sleep for three hours while I contemplate my "no alcohol while breastfeeding" rule. I settle for chocolate.

Daddy WILL be doing the next dentist run.


dave said...

Thanks Devin for putting my bad day in perspective. I had one crappy day yesterday, but it was nothing in comparison to what you had to endure.

Heather said...

Aren't DR. Appointments fun with other young children. I am glad to know that I'm not the only one that has had an experience like yours. Mine however involved a pucking 17th month old, but it was over by 8:00 a.m. And, thankfully I didn't have the rain to deal with.

Devin said...


Always glad to help! LOL!!

Devin said...


Ack!! Puking is the WORST! You put MY day in perspective. I needed that.

txmomx6 said...

HI Devin!
Ahhhh, the memories this post brings back!! (I think a chill just went down my spine!). :)
Nice to meet you, too!

Anonymous said...

What fun. I am glad I haven't had one of those days in a while. And yes I've had my share.
Damn.. wheres the wood I need to knock?