Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last night I threatened to change my name

MOM! Have you ironed my clothes yet?! (Oh yeah, the ones I forgot to bring you to iron.)

MOM! Have you seen my belt?! (my shoes, my homework, my waffle?)

MOM! She took my hockey stick! (that I was going to whack her with.)

MOM! He stole my drink! (that was really his to begin with.)

MOM! He took my seat! (that I gave up before I realized he wanted it.)

MOM! He's looking at my apple! (at my cereal box, my bagel.)

MOM! I can too wear my swimsuit on the water slide! (even though it's 50 degrees out and raining.)

MOM! He's got my bag of candy in the shower! (showering/eating simultaneously.)

MOM! Make Peyton stop screaming! (so you can hear me whine and tattle on someone.)

MOM! I don't want soup! I only want Cheetos for dinner! (and keep 'em coming.)

MOM! I know I said I wanted that apple (that you've painstakingly washed, cut, and peeled) but I've changed my mind!

MOM! You make me so MAD! (but now I really need a hug and for you to hold me a really long time)


Rachel Inbar said...

Hilarious :-)

I'm seeing your blog now for the first time - I'm currently expecting my 6th :-)

jubilee said...

I, too, have threatened to change my name and imagine his surprise when I refused to tell my oldest son what I would be changing my name to!

Llama Momma said...

I love this.

So true!!

Devin said...

I told my sons I was from this point on to be called "Frank," no longer Mom. They stared at me in disbelief and moaned, "Moooooooom!" Oh, well.