Friday, September 21, 2007

Why four months is my all-time favorite baby age

The smiles are toothless and never-ending.
The coos are unexpected and sweet.
The hands can now reach and touch my face.
The neck is the site of a million smooches and nuzzles.
The legs are chubby and ticklish.
The tummy is vulnerable and beacons raspberry kisses.
The crying is rare and short-lived.
The smell is heavenly and life-affirming.
The laughs fill our home and draw an audience.
The skin is soft and squishy.
The eyes look with goodness and adoration.
The hugs revive me and remind me of my many blessings.
The feet are tiny and stop for massages.
The kisses are wet and drooley and sweeter than nectar.
The heart knows no sadness or hurt.

And for just a short while longer, Mommy is necessary and perfect.


Linda up north said...

Oh babies are just the best! I agree with your daughter :) Go ahead and have another... you just can't have too many babies, especially when they are like Peyton! ;)

Gina said...

Oh...I cannot believe how big she has gotten. I really miss that age. I need to come visit so I can get my baby fix. Her outfit is too cute!

reagan said...

I know,I speak the truth!!