Friday, June 29, 2007

Things I know now that I'm two months old...

It's a lot of fun smiling now. When I watch my daddy make those funny faces and sounds, my grins just sneak out. He doesn't know how silly he looks.

When I'm upset, I like it when Mommy picks me up and snuggles me; it makes me feel so much better.

The shots I got this morning really, really hurt me and the doctor was funny looking. Please don't take me back to that place again.

I like when Mommy rocks me and sings softly in my ear. She's not a very good singer, but it still calms me down.

Sutton sometimes takes me upstairs to the playroom to sit with her. It's fun hanging out with the big girls.

Landon likes to pick on me when you guys aren't looking. May be you could watch him a little closer from now on.

Baby vitamins...YUCK!

I really miss Reagan and Keaton when they're gone...I know how much they love me.

To Daddy and Hayden: I know you like to call me "Boo" as a kind of nickname, but you should know that Landon, trying so hard to be like you two, can't pronounce it and calls me "Boob," a name I don't feel is appropriate for him to say or me to hear. (It drives Mommy crazy!)

The end.

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Miranda said...

These pictures (and thoughts) are adorable.