Thursday, January 25, 2007

Train table tear-down

Landon got a train table for his birthday a couple of months ago. Because of Christmas and traveling we didn't get around to putting it together. Jimmy decided to not only put it together, but to glue the pieces down that are supposed to stay put. That way the boys could focus on the movable parts (train, airplane, cars, etc.) and leave the train track, airport and other buildings alone.

Night before last after everyone else was asleep, Daddy spent hours placing and gluing each piece in the perfect position with special wood glue guaranteed to hold anything.

Obviously the glue company has never come up against our boys, as each piece Daddy so carefully placed has been pummelled and detached (glue, paint and all) and moved to various parts of my living room.

You'd think we would have seen that coming.

1 comment:

Miranda said...

That's a pretty awesome train! And even more amazing----Landon has on pants!