Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve with 60,000 of our (now) closest friends at Magic Kingdom. I now have lived the expression "hearded like cattle" and it was not enjoyable.

However, the Disney Main Street parade was mezmerizing and the fireworks show above the castle was mind-blowing. We may have been packed like sardines, but the views were spectacular.

We escaped, rode the monorail back to our hotel and the kids went swimming. When you are from Texas, swimming outside on New Year's Eve is unheard of. The kids had a blast winding down 2006 floating and splashing away.

Just as we thought our day was over, the hotel had their own fireworks show over our lagoon. The sound was thunderous as they were so close, but the view was first rate, calling our bleary-eyed children out of bed for one last hoorah.

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