Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Growing up

Keaton reported to us that Sunday night during a church-sponsored skate party she and Reagan attended, Reagan was so nice to her "the whole time." GASP! I thanked Reagan.

She continued by stating that not only had Reagan been nice but Reagan's friend had been very sweet and both girls allowed Keaton, who didn't really know anyone, to stay with them throughout the party, even going so far as to check on her if she fell. DOUBLE GASP! I complimented Reagan's thoughtfulness.

Add to all of that (there's more?) the note we received from Reagan's math teacher who, after listening to her phone conversation with me yesterday informing me of a change in pick up plans, complimented our little lady on her respectfulness towards her mother. This teacher stated how refreshing it was to have a student with such nice, consistent manners, not only towards her, but to a parent when Reagan thought no one was listening. Hmmmmmmmm.

And then last night (you've gotta be kidding!) Reagan volunteered to help her little sister on a project Keaton was struggling with, offering to pen the lettering on a poster board and draw a few characters. I got misty-eyed.

Could it be that after nine years of barely tolerating her younger sister, Reagan has decided to have moments of kindness towards her? Well...maybe. I've been a mom long enough to know that these glimpses of loving behavior can be sparse and fleeting. Yet I also recognize subtle signs of approaching maturity in our almost twelve year old. She's growing up. She's calm in the face of little brother melt-downs and the first to volunteer her assistance whenever someone is in need. It's becoming increasingly evident what a kind and generous spirit this little body contains.

Keep up the good work, sweet girl.

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