Monday, December 04, 2006

My dear sweet boy

You are truly a blessing to me. Because the others are gone so much, we spend a lot of time alone just loving each other. We sing and dance and laugh each day, we tickle and read, rock and talk. We go places and explore the world. We stay at home and snuggle, enjoying every minute.

You are learning so much and branching out to others, a pill often hard for me to swallow as I watch you walk away from me. I know it's time and I know it's important, yet I mourn the loss of your baby-ness and am hesitant of your newfound independence.

You have made such an impact on your siblings. Your sisters adore you and allow you to get away with so much just because of your charm and good looks. Your brother has a healthy respect for your power because nothing he does gets past you, as you don't tolerate any injustice from him. You two can fight like tigers but you can also play for hours, running and chasing and falling on the floor in fits of laughter; some of my favorite memories of my two boys.

You are three years old today and as I look at you through the tears I am fighting, I see a healthy, happy, vibrant child who makes me so happy to be his mother and incredibly thankful to God for bestowing upon me such an honor.

Happy Birthday Landon. I love you.


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