Friday, December 29, 2006

Forgotten Hayden-ism

I mistakenly forgot to post the comment that gave us the most giggle time:

Christmas morning after Hayden had received his guitar from Santa, he was walking through the house singing, dancing, and "playing" his new guitar.

I was ironing as he serenaded me and I made the comment that he was doing really well.

Hayden: "I know, I'm waaaay better than that other guy."

Mom: "What other guy?"

Hayden: "You know, El Fenix."

Mom: "El Fenix?"

Hayden: "Yes ma'am, El Fenix. I'm way better than him."

Mom: "Hayden, who is El Fenix?"

Hayden: "You know that guy with the big hair that dances funny and plays the guitar."

Mom: "Do you mean Elvis?"

Hayden: "Oh yeah, Elvis. I'm waaaaaaay better than him."

I guess he confused the King of Rock and Roll with one of his favorite Mexican food restaurants.

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