Sunday, December 03, 2006

The doctor is in

Last night after the Rainforest Cafe 3rd birthday celebration, we had our own little party. "Over the Hedge" was the theme Landon chose because of all the animals in the movie. I bought masks of the movie characters and the kids decided to role play. Quite a lovely group:

Present opening followed and Landon jumped right in with big brother (still in his mask) carefully monitoring little brother's every move.

He got a toy laptop, a hairy ball, some books, and bath toys. His eyes lit up, however, when he opened his present containing a toddler-sized doctor's lab coat, complete with all the doctor supplies a three-year old physician could possibly need. There was no looking back after that. In fact, several presents were left unopened as so much attention was paid to healing the entire household:

Introducing "Doctor Landon." So far he has given us all shots, checked and rechecked and re-rechecked our heartbeats, and cured us all from a multitude of ailments. His father and I are so proud.


Miranda said...

Just wait 'til you see what I got Landon. Great minds think a like.

Devin said...

You are always on the ball. I can't wait!