Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas view from the sky

Jimmy had a great weekend doing what he loves...flying. He took our family along with Miranda and Dave up Friday night to look at Christmas lights over Fort Worth, and Mike and Melissa last night over Dallas.

Landon was pleased to have Miranda holding him in the front seat as he was sure he was going to fall out of the plane when Daddy tipped it to one side or the other for a better view. Keaton and Hayden were ready to go back up right away, hoping for another aerial glimpse of Six Flags.

These are pictures of the Fort Worth skyline:

Mike, pilot in training, actually flying the plane.


Miranda said...

Wow, these photos are great! Ours were very blurry, but we've figured out how to adjust the shutter speed for our next trip. (Dave's now curious about getting a pilot's license.)

Anonymous said...

the pics look great, but shouldn't that trainee pilot be watching where he's going instead of hamming it up for the camera? lol
Merry Christmas!