Sunday, November 05, 2006

Llamas, Landon

Overheard this afternoon while the boys were sitting in Dad's lap watching Animal Planet...

Landon: "What are dose?"

Hayden: "They're llamas, Landon."

Landon: "No dey're not, dey're mamas."

Hayden (without diverting his eyes from the TV): "No, they're llamas."

Landon: "NO BUBBA! Dey're MAMAS!

Hayden (uncharacteristically patient): "Nope, they're llamas."

Landon: "MAMAS!!"

Hayden: "LLAMAS!"

Dad (with an emphasis on the "l" sound): "Landon, they're called LLamas....LLLLLLamas."

Landon (content with Dad's clarification): "Oh."

Hayden: Looking at the TV with a smug smile full of satisfaction.

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