Monday, November 20, 2006

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We went to the North Pole today. Actually, this whole trip was planned around this trip to the North Pole and the kids had a wonderful time. Between the carnival rides, the shows and Santa in his house, it was worth the plane ride here.

The internet access is VERY poor here so we'll see if any pictures get posted. Three hours it took me to get this up so I'm hitting "publish" fast.


Miranda said...

OK, three hours is an excessive amount of time--especially vacation time--to spend trying to post a picture. Take good notes and fill us in when you get back. Have a great Thanksgiving at the North Pole.

Anonymous said...

What fond memories we had as children. I'm grateful that the next generation of Joneses will experience the same fond memories of beautiful Colorado. What a wonderful tradition Granna & PawPaw gave to their children, so the next generation (s), will have this memory and tradition.

All my love,
Aunt Paula