Monday, September 04, 2006

The rabbit died OR Sometimes when Mom says no, Jesus says yes

Looks like we have some news, huh?

Keaton, Hayden, Reagan, and Landon run to see the babies in the baby room every day when we pick Hayden and Keaton up from matter how much of a hurry we're in.

Last Friday I stood waiting in front with the school director as each of my children had a turn ogling through the nursery window.

Keaton went up to the director lamenting quite loudly that, "Every day I ask my Mom for a baby and every day she says no."

The director looked right at me and smiled, "Keaton, sometimes when Mom says no, Jesus says yes."

I replied right back that our God has quite a sense of humor.

We just told the kids yesterday after we had a week or so to digest the information ourselves. Their reactions were quite varied as the pictures we took attest. We know how they feel; we are feeling the same way(s).

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Lisa said...

I think Keaton's and my face's resemble at this moment. I can't believe it!!! We'll be going to youth sports till we're 60!!

Love to all.