Saturday, September 23, 2006

Oh really?

Hayden has had a time coming to grips with the ultrasound photo and video. Jimmy decided to show him in a book the way all babies look at 7 weeks, so Hayden might understand that what he was seeing in our pictures is not abnormal.

Hayden looked at the images Jimmy provided, much like the one above, and studied them quietly. Jimmy commented that Hayden, himself, actually looked just like that when he was in Mommy's tummy.

Hayden said, "Oh yes, I remember that. I also remember I didn't like all that celery stuff all around me."

The kid's got some memory.


Lisa said...

Classic. I'll never forget this one, along with the otter comment. We'll be joking about those long into our retirement years...

Gina said...

He is too funny!