Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wiggly Wiggly World

We are huge Wiggles fans, as evidenced in Landon's 2nd birthday picture to the left.

So tonight when the Wiggles came to Texas, the Jones boys (with their mom and dad in tow), were there to dance, sing and...well, wiggle. We watched Anthony eat, Greg sing, Murray play the guitar and we woke up that narcoleptic Jeff numerous times. Dorothy collected dozens and dozens of roses, Wags took in baskets full of bones, but the highlight of the evening was Captain Feathersword, his magical buttons and his ever annoying animal sounds.

Greg drove all the Wiggles on stage in the Big Red Car to screaming children and their star-struck moms who knew more dance moves than their kids (Yes, I admit it.) Hayden cackled at the blow-up Murray falling on Jeff, and Landon couldn't hold still to "Hot potato! Hot Potato!"

The Cock-a-Doodle-Doo bit was clever, but the house came down when they sang "Fruit Salad" and "Do the Monkey." The final compilation of twisting, turning, jumping, hand raising, shimmying, and that "Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist" song, left few little ones (and yes, their moms) in their seats.

There was no intermission, so when the show was over, we grabbed our hungry, yawning, I-didn't-take-a-long-enough-nap-today-because-I-was-too-excited-about-the-Wiggles-concert kiddos and took them to dinner. After baths and jammies, they were out within minutes.

**Obviously, unless you have toddler children or grandchildren, you have absolutely no idea what I have been talking about. If, however, you have toddlers, admit've been singing "Yummy! Yummy!" ever since you saw the "Fruit Salad" song mentioned above.

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