Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baby Dayden

My sister, Gina, her husband, David, and kids, Bailey and Ashlyn are shown to the far left with the new addition to their family, Dayden. Dayden was born three weeks ago and her Auntie Devin was in the delivery room. I have to say that witnessing that birth, my first ever, was one of the highlights of my life. I have given birth five times and each time I was very eager to have the birth over and done with, taking little time to truly enjoy the experience. This birth I was able to enjoy.

Watching my sister give birth, being there with my mother and David, watching the baby emerge and feeling the air being sucked from the room as we all collectively gasped at her beauty, was amazing. Of course I, who often shares too much, took the doctor and nurse aback, I believe, by stating that seeing my new little niece was enough to make my ovaries ache. They just stared, not sure what to make of me and my strange comment. But that is how I felt and next time I guess I'll just have to think it real loud.

She's as close to a perfect baby as you can get. She's not a crier, she nurses like a champ, burps well, rides contently in her car seat and already is sleeping through the night. I am extremely jealous of those last two feats as none of mine liked the car seat and few sleep through the night to this day.

Congratulations to Gina and David and their family. Dayden is a welcomed addition and we all look forward to watching her grow and thrive. Your Auntie Devin loves you!

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