Wednesday, August 16, 2006

All alone...ahhhhh

Jimmy got home last night so my morning ran much smoother with the extra set of hands. He even makes breakfast and changes diapers so I really have it easy.

Reagan has to be at her bus stop by 7:10 so she left by 7:00. I realized about 7:03 that she'd left her lunch and I drove it to her. She asked me to please not leave her at the bus stop though, as an "older" boy was the only one there (7th grade) and she was too embarrassed. I waited with her until a girlfriend showed up, then all was well. She was so busy girl-talking that she didn't even notice me telling her goodbye and blowing kisses. I'll bet I looked pretty stupid talking to myself and sending flying kisses out the window to no recipient.

Sutton was the next to leave. She provided me a stack of papers to go through and sign, a request for a check for tennis shoes she has to have for the volleyball team, a quick run down of last night's matches that were out of town, a kiss on the head, and then she was gone. She didn't get home until long after I went to bed last night. I miss her.

Oh, she did squeeze in a funny story about how the school has her name spelled wrong on the main roster sent to all teachers. In her first class, they had a substitute teacher. When the sub was calling role, he kept calling, "Sutto. Sutto." No one was answering, so he said it louder and louder until Sutton realized she was Sutto; they had left off the "n." The same thing followed in her next two classes; "Sutto. Sutto." She got smart and mentioned it ahead of time to the final few teachers. Many classes had a laugh at her expense.

Keaton and Hayden allowed me one more day of pictures; "Then that's it, Mom." I evidently put our two subjects in the wrong part of the room as Daddy said to put them in front of the piano (his first baby; his pride and joy), but he had to move the flowers because "they don't match the kids' outfits;" an obvious jab at me and my condemnation of his clothing choices (No, honey, for the millionth time, you can't wear striped pants with your Hawaiian shirt). This is his reward for picking on me:

Please notice his color choices. Do you see why I check his clothes before he leaves the house? And doesn't he look sweet with those pretty pink flowers? (Don't mess with me, buddy. I have a camera and a blog!)

Hayden and Keaton suffered through one more photo session. Landon, who was not going to be left out, soon joined the fun.

Jimmy took Hayden and Keaton to school and invited Landon along to go with him to a doctor's appointment.

I'm here alone. There is no TV on and all I hear is the sound of this computer. I'm trying to decide what to do with myself. I could clean the kitchen, but that's no fun. I could start the mounds of dirty laundry piled in the laundry room, but that can be done later.

I think I'll take a myself, with no two year old with his face pressed to the glass supervising me, squeezing toothpaste on the shower door, or forcing me to dodge the balls he has currently discovered he can launch over the top of the shower. Who knows, I may even have time to shave my legs before the boys return. A real shower with time for soap and a razor? That would be the real treat.

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