Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Track Club is over

Keaton, who aspires to couch-potato status, must be kept busy and away from any TV at all times or her mind turns to complete mush. In hopes of occupying her idle time in the summer, we signed her and Reagan up for Track Club...for the whole summer. Reagan was thrilled and each night would pick out her clothes for the following day's activities at the track.

Keaton has growled at me each day as I drive her to track and after 2 hours in the Texas heat, it has become overwhelming evident to me that she is ready to trade me in on a better Mommy model. One smile did sneak out of her the day she informed me that the coaches had assigned designated "vomit spots" around the track that were in essence places where the kids could throw up so as not to cause potentially stinking blobs of up-chuck the kids would then have to run around. She definitely has a unique sense of humor.

The second smile came today when track club was officially over. When I asked her if she was glad she was through, her reply was shocking. She said, "I'm kinda sad. I'm gonna miss my friends. I hope I'm not gonna get bored." Reagan, of course, is planning next year's track club schedule. She's our perky one who finds joy in most everything.

The girls stayed busy for a couple of hours each day. They stayed healthy and fit, drank lots of water and made many new friends. They even participated in a track meet. Granted, as Reagan competed, Keaton held an umbrella like a pro to stay out of the sun, but she was there and had fun; even if it was just playing cards with her new friends.

Maybe next year I can sign all the kids up for track club. The boys would definitely enjoy the vomit-dodging.

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