Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nowitzki kiss-ki

Sutton has her life prioritized much like any normal 16 year old, I guess. Her faith is important, she is so proud of her family, and has a really nice group of friends. She's excels in school and is very dedicated to volleyball. Thankfully she's not into boys and partying...yet.

There is one relatively harmless obsession and he is pictured with her above. She and her friend, Katie, argue over who will actually marry Dirk. They've even probed their family histories to see who, in fact, had the strongest German heritage, thus making her the more proper match. The gloating over the phone was hilarious to listen to as Sutton related her German lineage to the ever defiant Katie.

Fortunately for us, this is as close as Sutton will probably ever get to Dirk because as I've explained to her, he's just too old. Mom's old school ideas have done little to diminish the ever fiery torch Sutton holds for her big German, basketball-playing crush. However, she's content at this point to take pictures with his poster and no doubt will present a big 'ole 8x10 framed copy of the kiss above for Katie's bedroom wall.

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